Friday, April 17, 2009

A Little Deeper...

So what is it people? Do you go out for the music or the crowd? Clearly the majority of the people in most areas choose the latter. If you've ever driven by an event with the intention of seeing and hearing a dj or band perform and kept going because it wasnt enough people there yet, U SUCK & U SHOULD KILL YO SELF.
Later for those lames. I mean really, they have the right to do whatever their wack little heart desires. As for the people who truly want to go out and EXPERIENCE music delivered by a SKILLED deejay, you have to support. It's a tired story and quite the cliche now but real deejays NEED real people to play to. I get accolades from everybody all day every day about how dope and real I am but when it comes to attendance at some of my own events, most of these people are nowhere to be found. When I returned from New York a few years back after witnessing one of (if not) the best and most encouraging events I'd ever gone to, I said to myself, why not in St Louis? The event in question was headed by none other than Rich Medina. It was in Brooklyn and the place was packed with mostly young black folks GETTIN DOWN. Much like you'd see here in St Louis with one major difference. They weren't sweatin to the latest bubble gum, flash-in-the-pan, no skill-all swag havin monkey music, they were partyin to Afro Beat, Afro House, Deep Soul and Funk. No "familiar" or "mainstream" songs were played at all. And it's not like all these people knew EVERY song Rich played, but they knew Rich and trusted if he plays it, it must be dope. Even if they didnt know Rich, they had some understanding of the style in which the event was catered. This understanding allowed the crowd to stay on the floor while discovering new dopeness.
I say all that to say this, we limit ourselves way too often. I believe music is one of the most powerful tools of liberation. If you are so caught up with the type of music that takes your soul no where, that's where you're gonna stay. The current radio and club stuff isn't meant for progression. It is crafted to keep a group of listeners and consumers in a state of ignorance.
And it's doin one hell of a job.


  1. Hey what's it worth I enjoyed myself - and only got called in by the curfew. LOL.

    But I think there are a lot of factors at hand (at least when it comes to St. Louis). The "in" crowd appears to be needy in the sense that they have to CONSTANTLY be impressed with New Venues, New Concepts, even new people (a theme I still don't get in St. Louis - come on yall know we don't have that many people!). But if I had to call one thing that clouded last night - its the venue. Its a cool place and nothing wrong with it at all (they are a little slow on the drinks - real talk). - but I haven't been to ANYTHING there yet that has popped. Once a place gets a rep for not popping - its that much harder to get people to come out. And that goes for everybody - even SYGU.

    Keep pressing the issue man. Somedays its just tougher than others.


    Allergic to all things wack.

  2. I feel u Ed, but its not even about havin a venue that pops. I've thrown things at a ton of "established" venues and it be a virtual ghost town. The possiblility of me just bein a wack, crowd-repelling dj sometimes notwithstanding, I digress! lol! I clearly am not the dj for the "in" crowd nor have I ever wanted to be. I am a dj for music-fiends. Hip Hop and Soul Heads, period. I'm looking for them. They talk a great game when it comes to complainin about nothin real goin on and this and that, but when their favorite djs put somethin on, a lot of them just don't support. anywayz, I'm preachin to the choir bro!

  3. I'm on the same page. I tweeted last night "How do you call yourself a trendsetter when you only want to be where the crowd is?" I stand by that. WTH people? I didn't even know you were on blogspot until today. I'm following you now.

  4. yo C, I wish we had more true music lovers like you bro. I dont blame folks for wantin to be where the crowd is, but if you claim to want that real thing, needin to see a crowd should come 2nd. I, personally, could not fathom enduring horrible music just for the sake of being amongst a crowd.

  5. wow....i almost ALWAYS go for the music...u should know that..i have rocked at packed events and events with almost nobody there at all...b.c.i appreciate the music,the vibe,the energy i get and b.c.if i am able i want to get and support you and other djs/artists who put out that true shit. unfortunately,we keep getting the same ole'same ole. the blog was real and peace...much love always...

  6. LOL!!! I feel you, but for Me personally. I don't get much at all (I have a family) and when I do, I look to network usually(depends), so in SOME instances, I need a crowd. Just as you do when you spin(or you would like). You need and or want to share your art with the public or you wouldn't do shows(as well as get paid- my opinion). Without the crowd, how many venues will you still be able to continue doing w/out bringing in a crowd? A lot of us do our form of art for the love of course but, you want that love back as well. RIGHT? You get fulfillment from people embracing the love that you show and have for your art, when you present that out into the universe don't you? Not to say you are doing anything wrong but(remember I don't get out much) but, have you turned to yourself and asked yourself if there is something that you could be doing a little different? Switching things up a bit? I don't know. Just asking. There are many reasons why people go out but, I think for a lot of people, if they go out somewhere and see that there is not a crowd, they may think you're not hot! b/c you're not bringing in a crowd and prob. feel that where there are a lot of people, that dj is poppin. Not always true and not always wrong either. I would never suffer through music that wasn't fulfilling to my soul. No matter how packed it was...Also. You know it comes with the territory and process. Keep on and keep grindin?

    Weird Girl.

  7. WGP, u dropped a lot of truth in there and I know where you're comin from. I think I may have been unclear in my statements. Ofcourse I want a big crowd whenever I am throwing an event. My desire for a great crowd of folks to come and party to my set isn't the issue. I challenged those who go out to events with the intention of hearing a specific deejay and decide not to enter the venue based on how many people are there, or lack thereof. That is totally wack to me. I mean, SOMEBODY has to be the first few people in the spot, why can't it be you? And really, I let the people who are guided by the "in" crowds off the hook because I'm not the type of dj they want anyway. Those people are mostly fickle, limited, radio/club types. I got nothin for them. I am here for the people who want to hear true music mixed and blended well. Flat out. I take responsibilty on my part. Promotion and networking is definitely key for a successful outcome. In terms of switching things up, Ive long since realized this aint a town that supports niche djs the same way other cities do. But I'm not gonna change my style or do some "upscale", "dress code" gimmicky type of event just to try and attract these people who have no interest in or just know nothing about real deejayin or real music for that matter. My thing is true music for the people that want to experience it live. I know it's a huge gamble everytime I put on an event, but I remain hopeful that this city balances itself out.

  8. Indeed. Don't change for upscale No! I mean...You know. spinnin backwards, w/elbow/chin etc. lol!!! entertaining(may not be for you though and that's cool). I just wish I could get out more. You are def. doing ya thing as you always have and continue to do...It's very hard to see progression in the stl. I think that is why many move elsewhere. I send you mad love and respect throughout your artistic journey.
    Peace and love Brotha.

  9. I gotta agree with you a hundred percent on this blog Needles. It just seems like there isn’t enough people out here that are open to music that is outside of the mainstream in this city. Getting that larger audience here in Saint Louis remains elusive. Its hard to get people outside of the social circles that most of us are apart of, that usually make up the core of the people at these performer’s and DJ’s events. Sometimes I just don’t get it, people will hear something that is OBVIOUSLY DOPE and may even sound similar to some well known song they love and basically REFUSE to enjoy it because its something they have never heard before.
    Just like you I’ve had similar experiences at events in other cities that I have went to were the response is totally different. I mean the Roy Ayers concert in Atlanta was packed to the wall and folks were straight jamming to ALL the performers and ALL the music not just the main act. . Personally I try to go to most of the events that you and others put on that represent the music that I’m into. I hope others out there who are fans of the music do the same, because we have to support the things we like are they are definitely never going to get that major headway here in Saint Louis.

  10. I think that alot of it has to do with the being St.Louis sad to say. But like how alot of you are mentioning other cities...when i have gone to concerts in Chi or ATL like u said the people come out...the people support and they rock to events that cater to the needs of people who want to hear good music...they rock just as hard to the opening acts as well as the headliners. Granted,St.Louis is not as big as some of these other cities...but we aren't that damn small either....i have these discussion time and time again with friends of mine. I am really starting to lose faith...but that won't change me going support whenever i am able to...peace again Needles.

  11. There's still many folks here who when they see someone rocking out to the unfamiliar, they give them a weird look. Some folks care what others think and so they shelter in their music tastes sometimes. I think STL is doing better, even though we haven't gotten all the way there yet, we're on our way, for sure.