Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hip Hop Ya Dont Stop: Review

By TiffB

It was electric without the boogie woogie,
It was fire without the Marley,
It was Hip Hop . . . and it didn’t stop till 3 a.m.

DJ Needles electrified the Delmar Lounge with a late night special event. His set began at midnight and the classics, mid-school and underground Hip Hop blessed the room. By 1a.m., a crowd of familiar and unfamiliar faces were entranced by the pounding speakers. The air conditioner was nonexistent but that didn’t stop the collective body rock. The perspiration increased as Hip Hop’s elite kept going and going and going . . .
Mos Def, Pharoahe Monch, Dead Prez, Jay-Z, Little Brother, kept us going and going . . .
And when Needles traded the 1s and 2s for the M-I-C, DJ and Producer, B-Money kept the party going and going . . .
And to bring the night to the mountaintop, a few of Saint Louis’ dopest passed the mic on the left hand side.
Corey Black went in with the crowd pleaser, “Finger in my Nose”. Nationally recognized Black Spade’s “Enjoy the Experience” summed up the night for many. Vandalyzm saluted us with “Yes Sir”. Rockwell Knuckles shined with his addictive track “Government Name”. Tef Poe put in work with his aptly titled house-rocker, “Show Stealers” and Family Affair hit us off with their classic “You Gon Love The Family”.
The Hip Hop heads bobbed.
Casual Delmar Loungers weaved.
Two opposite worlds merged in perfect unison, much like conservative Catholics worshipping in a southern Baptist church.

It was holy bliss.
It was electric relaxation.
It was simply . . . Hip Hop

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