Tuesday, January 26, 2010

AVATAR: one deejay's semi-review.

I FINALLY saw 'Avatar' this past weekend after wanting to check it out for weeks. I say to you friends I was thoroughly impressed. Personally, I scoffed at the notion of James Cameron "changing" the way movies are made but my skepticism was shot down quickly and repeatedly throughout this awesome story of love, adventure and fantasy. This is truly an epic and a triumph that will rightfully take its place among the greatest films ever made. If you've yet to see it, GO NOW! If you've seen it, feel free to leave your own review!


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  2. I saw Avatar and LOVED it! I must admit that I'm not much of a Sci-Fi fan but I was quickly convinced that it was worth my boyrfriend's money! I will say that during the first hour of this two hour and 40 minute flick I was a bit disengaged but that last hour and a half totally made up for it! I almost wanna go see it again, but unfortunatly $8.50 is hard to come by these days. :)