Friday, January 29, 2010

EQUINOCH'S : 3 Part Underground Dance Spin @ The Thaxton Speakeasy!!! 2|12, 3|12 & 4|9

Bring the Spring.

A 3-part underground dance spin at the Thaxton Speakeasy.

Eqhuinoch’s the spin has the same name as a recording by turntablist/producer Enoch IS Real from his 2008 E.P. “Enochulated”. The tune, included here, features St. Louis musicians Tracy Mitchell, Lamar Harris and Marcus Leonard and will be the theme song for the event which will transpire over the next three months on the second Friday. It will be hosted by Enoch whom is a member of an alternative beat collective of deejays,artists and producers known as the Soulition. He and guest deejays will co-star monthly to deliver some of the best olde and nu dance floor classics including House, Disco, Latin, Acid Jazz, Afro & Broken Beat from as far and wide as L.A. to Asia, New York to Africa, Europe to Detroit, and Chicago to Australia. The sensuously decorated and beautifully lit Thaxton Speakeasy underground lounge will be the perfect backdrop for this eclectic blend of beautiful vibrations. The sound is familiar yet fresh, just like the vegetation that returns with the vernal equinox which occurs twice a year, when the tilt of the Earth's axis is inclined neither away from nor towards the Sun, and means ‘equal night’ in Latin.

A stellar and solar occasion it’ll be for all involved,extra dry attire is recommended to assist with any potential hyper-perspiration situations. Stay tuned for the password for reduced entry.

Eqhuinoch’s, February 12th, March 12th, and April 9th, from 10pm til 1:15am in the
at The Thaxton Building
1009 Olive Street (entrance in rear alley)
Saint Louis, Missouri 63101

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