Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sat Feb 6, 2010 - HIP HOP YA DONT STOP! PT 6 @ The Delmar Lounge!!!

This 1st Saturday of this Black History Month will be a fist-pumpin, foward-movin, boom-bap-tastic edition of your favorite True School monthly, "HIP HOP YA DONT STOP!" Sat, Feb 6, Ghetto Blastic and The Soulition invite you to The Delmar Lounge to celebrate our month of remembrance to the sounds of the illest progressive, afro-centric and socially conscious Hip Hop mixed by Nappy DJ Needles! So break out the african medallions, wristbands, kufis and dashikis for the official Red, Black & Green Hip Hop Jam!!!

The Delmar Lounge | 6235 Delmar
Beginning @ Midnight after the band
$3 | 21+ | worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd.

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