Monday, August 16, 2010

NEW Vandalyzm "Megatron Majorz Redux" available NOW on itunes!!!

Well folks, this dude has kept us waiting for this release for a good minute.And with all things proper, Megatron Majorz Redux is well worth the wait. Vandalyzm is the kind of emcee that gives you himself truthfully in his music. He goes at cats who claim the EXTRA lame and incorrect statement "it aint trickin if you got it" on 'Trickin', he spits young man game at older women on the hilarious 'Ol Girl', and he even lets himself have it on the brutally honest 'Self Evaluation'. With plenty of testaments to his mic skills ('Yessir' & 'Get Dough') and flat-out hood bangers ('Click Clack'), Vandalyzm's Megatron Majorz Redux is a must have/download for any true lover of real Hip Hop music.

Listen to Self Evaluation

Buy the album here

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