Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NEW Common "We Can Do It Now" ft Lupe Fiasco & Jennifer Hudson

3 natives from the city of wind come together and turn out some G.O.O.D. music...

Click image for download


  1. Not feeling it. Something is off. Not sure if its the chorus with J-Hud or the beat. No rhythm or flow to it. Seems forced. Not there best work at all.

  2. I'm definitely not the biggest fan of a real slow tempo but I think things came together on this one. I was a bit skeptical hearing the bluesy intro with Jennifer however as the song got going I thought she complimented the nature of the track. Also to me, Com & Lupe deliver dope verses.

  3. The beginning of this song reminds me of Joss Stone song with Nas "Governmentalist." They're bringing the blues and grass roots influence into Hip Hop. Just knowing these artists I KNOW its hot. and I like the way they mixed it. I feel like I'm at a march or at woodstock. It blends well. I like hearing JHud in the background. and Definitely anything Common spits is hot fire. And Lupe brings the hype...