Monday, November 15, 2010

NEW David Banner & 9th Wonder "Be With You" ft Ludacris & Marsha Ambrosious

Well David Banner & 9th Wonder have released another joint from their forthcoming project and they brought two friends along! 9th supplies a great sound-stage on which David, Luda and Marsha can perform. The result is a dope reminder of how nice Marsha is as a vocalist and Mr. Banner and Mr. Bridges are as emcees (even though 'Cris outshines both David and Marsha on the track!) Have a listen and a download if you are so inclined. We think you'll like what you hear...

Download below:


  1. why do blogs have to put some hate in there why couldnt it just be a good song damn

  2. The whole who "outshined" who, thing, I'm sure, sometimes people consider comparin' cats to hate, I don't. However I do see the lane that David Banner is tryin' to re-invent/position himself in, "Good Luck" with that..Luda on the other hand does "Luda" eerrytime an I can appreciate his consistency, and Marsha is a beast, I love her voice she could sing nothing all day. Cant wait to hear her whole project.This Dope, and of course 9th killed this track,man...

  3. P.S Banner recycling them old Dre verses,lol...

    "too close for comfort/too close to home/to close be playin...." Benz or Beamer

    "those huge baby eyes..." Soo Fresh, Soo Clean

  4. @HighScience, word! The Luda co-sign was simply an opinion. If you noticed, ALL artists were given props on their performances. In real life, there will almost always be a better single performance to come out of an ensemble.