Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Havana "Repeat Offender"

I first discovered Havana through a 12" single I happened to come across at some random record store over 5 years ago. It was the standard 2-song package complete with instrumentals. Though I hadn't heard of the singer, I noticed the producer credited for both tracks. The one and only Nicolay of The Foreign Exchange was the man behind the beats and with that, I was sold. Needless to say, I not only dug the beats, I really dug Havana's voice as well. So much so that I featured both joints on volume 5 of my Jazzyphatnappy mixtape series. WELL, fast-foward to the current state of things and I find myself digging Ms. Havana once again! Here we are blessed with "Repeat Offender", an up-tempo groover described by the songstress herself as "someone telling you the same thing over and over but never following through. Promises aren't meant to be broken.."

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