Sunday, May 1, 2011

ILL CLIP: Mos Def "World Premiere" prod by Madlib

Since my 1st introduction to the mighty Mos Def way back in '96 on The Bush Babees' "The Love Song" then on De La Soul's "Big Brother Beat", I knew he was gonna be one of my favorite rhyme sayers for years to come. He's truly an original artist with a genuine love for the art of emceeing and the culture of Hip Hop. With this new song, he simply continues his winning catalog of instant classics, though I'm sure a beat from Madlib makes the winning that much easier!


  1. I remember playing the Love Song on my radio show on KCOU at University of Missouri-Columbia back in '96. Then I heard him on the Stakes is High album. Dude definitely made an impression right out the gate. I love that he is still making good music a decade and a half later.

  2. My sentiments exactly Bace. And then his 1st 12" single??? "Universal Magnetic"! C L A S S I C ! I play that to this day like it's new.