Monday, December 24, 2012

Applejac • Christmastime Is Here ft. Jessica Newry

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As a fan of the music to the classic Charlie Brown Christmas special, I am completely speechless by my good friend Applejac's soulful spin on one of the songs from the soundtrack; so I'll shut up and let him tell you what's up...
Happy Holidays everyone. As you know, I had planned to do a Playin Favorites Holiday EP, right? Well, that sorta dwindled down to one tune (lol), but I'm honored to share it with ya'll. I was inspired to do this song from listening to my homie Ahmed Sirour play it a year or so ago. I actually had the track done last year but wanted to put vocals to it. Enter the talented Jessica Newry, who many of you may remember from my Playin Favorites EP in 2011 on the bonus track "What A Mess", who came thru and did the honors. So without further ado. Here's my take on a holiday classic. Enjoy...

Applejac • Christmastime Is Here ft Jessica Newry

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