Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This Is The Dope (Black Spade x Teresajenee x Indiana Rome) • "3013" [Reca.Sto]

Click image for download

I've been sittin on this magnificent piece of music for a while now since the homie Black Spade passed it along to me for airplay only. I couldn't post it here let alone share it via download until the EP was nearing its release. So now after months of practically having to keep quiet about something so grand, I can finally proclaim "THIS IS THE DOPE" IS HERE!!! Yes friends, here is the 1st single to an EP that is sure to get you excited about music once again! "3013" has all 3 artists; Black Spade, Teresajenee & Indiana Rome, showing off their talents in top form. From the beautifully lush intro featuring the vocal stylings of Black Spade and Teresajenee, to the 3 individual verses by all 3 members over the thick, soulful, head-nodding track, this is the perfect introduction to a new and innovative sound appropriately named, This Is The Dope.

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