Thursday, August 29, 2013

DJ Reminise & Nodzilla • Pa Dukes

The Soulition loves George DukeSo much so that 2 of the Soulition's beat-making members (DJ Reminise & Nodzilla aka Nappy DJ Needles) took some of Duke's music and created a beat-tape in his honor entitled Pa Dukes. A few days after Duke passed, the project was proposed by Reminise to Nodzilla (who incidentally was inspired by the music of This Is The Dope to make several beats from George Duke samples weeks before he died) and the rest is history. 10 beats (5 each from Reminise & Nodzilla) created from the music of one of the masters of Space-Jazz-Electro-Funk!

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  1. Kudos on this!!! Rhyme and Reason is my favorite George Duke song!!!