Monday, March 17, 2014

DJ Rahdu • Honey Molasses: Jill Scott Remixes & Covers

The homie DJ Rahdu of Bama Love Soul just made everyone's rest-of-the-year with his ode to the one and only Jilly from Philly. Honey Molasses is Rahdu's tribute mix to Jill Scott featuring different remixes on which her voice graces and sorted covers from other dope artists. It should come as no surprise this is a must-have, but if you need a bit more convincing, check out what BLS says about Rahdu's latest presentation...

"Jill Scott made a comment during her performance on VH1′s Storytellers about her music selection process that stuck with me – She said that even without her, the music has to have a story of it’s own for her to write to it. Apparently she picks them well; Jill has the uncanny ability to connect to numerous demographics, an uncommon skill in today’s stratified musical climate. I’ve heard some joke that Jill’s songs are about either food or sex, and yet others that say Jill speaks to and for them. Honey Molasses is a compilation of the artists that feel that Jill’s songs could somehow help tell their story. Thanks to DJ Rahdu for selecting and mixing them for our listening pleasure. Welcome to the soundtrack of Spring!"

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